Cathedrals 'Unbound' Video Premiere!

In a strange twist of fate I not only mixed the track 'Unbound' but a year later found myself sitting with Cathedrals again, now editing and coloring their video! A lot of amazing people came together to create this video and it really was an amazing San Franciscan collaboration. I'm absolutely honored to be a part of it.

Maria Kochetkova as The Dancer (
The Sugar Cubes by Alex Green (
& all of our wonderful friends for sharing a portrait of intimacy 

Video Credits:
Directed by Sam Pressman (
Cinematography by Isaac Bauman (
Edited by Max Savage ( and Johnny Hwin
Filmed at Heron Arts in San Francisco, CA (
Assistant direction by Alex Ember
Camera operation by Brian Weber, Tyler Burke, and Chase Azimi
Production assistance by Luke Wigren, Shelton Lindsay, and Irys Cornbluth
Sugar Cubes technical production by Keegan Olton, Jake Lampack, and Andy Mellon

Music Credits:
Written and Produced by Cathedrals (Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins)
Engineering by Max Savage (
Mastering by Twin Peaks Studios
Additional Guitars by Tim Wood (

Noisy Savage's Labcyte Video Featured at World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum annually seeks out the most visionary startups involved in the design and deployment of new technologies set to make a significant and positive impact upon business and society across the globe. Biotech innovator Labcyte, Inc recently recruited Noisy Savage to produce a video submission to the WEF that would explain- in simple terms- just how essential their revolutionary technology is to medical science research.

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Amon Tobin interview in his evil (looking) lair.

We lucked out big time with this one. We're all humungous Amon Tobin fans and not only did we get to get an in depth interview with him about his process and gear, but we got to shoot it in his actual studio! My biggest regret is not taking him up on the tea he offered, we were just too nervous/starstruck at first. Next time :)

Big thanks to Beatport for organizing this one.

Thomas Geoghegan: A Modern Interpretation

My father, Thomas Geoghegan, is a lifelong composer and classical guitarist of the old school variety. As a young lad, he was trained on the guitar by Andres Segovia and later, in composition, by Samuel Barber - not exactly lightweights of their respective fields. Often declaring himself to have been born in the wrong century, and despite the wondrous technological leaps of the past 20 years, my father- much like his predecessors- still chooses to write his music with pen and paper. Likewise, he still edits his recordings on analog tape… you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks. For this video, which was meant to help usher my father’s artistic presence into the 21st century, I chose to employ some newer tricks.

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