Cathedrals 'Unbound' Video Premiere!

In a strange twist of fate I not only mixed the track 'Unbound' but a year later found myself sitting with Cathedrals again, now editing and coloring their video! A lot of amazing people came together to create this video and it really was an amazing San Franciscan collaboration. I'm absolutely honored to be a part of it.

Maria Kochetkova as The Dancer (
The Sugar Cubes by Alex Green (
& all of our wonderful friends for sharing a portrait of intimacy 

Video Credits:
Directed by Sam Pressman (
Cinematography by Isaac Bauman (
Edited by Max Savage ( and Johnny Hwin
Filmed at Heron Arts in San Francisco, CA (
Assistant direction by Alex Ember
Camera operation by Brian Weber, Tyler Burke, and Chase Azimi
Production assistance by Luke Wigren, Shelton Lindsay, and Irys Cornbluth
Sugar Cubes technical production by Keegan Olton, Jake Lampack, and Andy Mellon

Music Credits:
Written and Produced by Cathedrals (Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins)
Engineering by Max Savage (
Mastering by Twin Peaks Studios
Additional Guitars by Tim Wood (